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Welcome to the city of Tyr

The world is a desert. Magic is persecuted without guilt. Mass extinction has occurred and only those brutal, cunning, and hardy enough to survive are left. It is the world of Dark Sun.

The story begins with the players as slaves in the gladiator arena. Pressed into service, their motivations for freedom are as unique as their origins. Though they come from different backgrounds, some clashing greatly, they have forged a brotherhood of blood and death. Through cooperation, tactics, and simple luck, the players have survived months in the Tyr arena.

When the opportunity strikes, they may yet have their freedom. But there are many forces who find this unsettling, and would much prefer oppression to open revolt. In the city of Tyr, the players will learn what each of them considers the price of freedom.

Home Page

Dark Sun: The Price of Freedom Castlemaster